The 64th Central Switzerland Yodel Festival came to Andermatt

June 17, 2022

As the birthplace of the Confederation, Central Switzerland is a place with many cultural traditions. In the heart of the country, set amidst mystical mountains, Andermatt was the ideal location for holding the 64th Central Switzerland Yodel Festival.

As far back as the late 19th century, alphorn players, flag throwers and yodellers performed together at various Swiss national sport festivals. They decided to form an association dedicated to their love of yodelling. For more than 100 years, the festivals have been held at a different location each year in the Central Switzerland cantons of Lucerne, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Schwyz, Ticino, Uri and Zug.

After being postponed twice due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 64th Central Switzerland Yodel Festival was finally able to happen this year. From Friday, June 17 to Sunday, June 19, contests took place throughout the entire village under the motto “Tyyflisch guät”, or “Devilishly good”. The event required months of groundwork with meticulous planning and the help of numerous volunteers.

The organising committee, headed by Christoph Gähwiler, was very excited to welcome numerous yodellers, alphorn players, flag throwers, friends of these enduring traditions and guests from near and far to the largest festival in Central Switzerland. One of the highlight of the festivities was the grand parade through the charming centre of the Andermatt village on Sunday.

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