What we want to achieve by 2030


There is a lot that the Andermatt Swiss Alps Group and Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG want to change and things they want to achieve in doing so. That’s why we’ve set sustainability goals, which we plan to achieve by 2030.

Environment goal:Climate-neutral operations

  • Energy

    100% CO₂-neutral electricity in all buildings and facilities

  • Waste

    20% less waste in the waste incineration plant

  • Heat

    100% climate-neutral heating in all buildings

    75% implemented
  • Mobility

    100% climate-neutral passenger vehicles and expansion of the charging infrastructure

    10% implemented

Society goal:More diversity

  • Jobs for the region

    Increasing the share of local employees – focus on catering with a goal of 35%

  • Proportion of women

    40% of those in team functions and 20% of the members of senior executive bodies are women

    95% implemented
  • Jobs for trainees and people with disabilities

    5% of all positions are apprenticeship/internship positions or positions for people with special needs (joining the work force)

    75% implemented

Economy goal:Sustainably profitable

  • Efficiency

    Find and exploit synergies within the Group and the holding company

    On track
  • Innovation

    Promote the creation and use of ideas

    On track