Lights out, mountain on!

September 2, 2022

You can once again experience the popular event “Lights out, mountain on!” on September 10 and on October 8. Catch the last rays of sunlight at 2,340 metres or enjoy a convivial fondue with just as beautiful a view at Matti on Nätschen. On full-moon nights, magic is in the air in Andermatt!

It’s 6 p.m. in the village of Andermatt, and the golden hour has commenced. Guests wait patiently for the reserved gondola to bring them up to Gütsch, where at 2,340 metres above sea level an unforgettable natural wonder awaits them, along with a gourmet meal prepared by Markus Neff.

The gondola ride is accompanied by the sound of cowbells as the shadows on the fields grow longer and longer. The gondola slowly approaches the spectacular wood and stone building designed by the award-winning architect Christina Seilern. When they reach the top, guests are greeted by Markus Neff and his team, and the evening begins with a glass of Champagne and delicious amuse-bouches.

The last rays of light sparkle on the Champagne bottles as the sun descends behind the wind turbines. A view that will not soon be forgotten. Just as unforgettable is the first course: char with scallop tartar.

Although the sun has disappeared entirely behind the Bäzberg and the temperature has become markedly cooler, guests enjoy their exquisite set meal in the warm interior before large panorama windows. A few stargazers take the opportunity to step out onto the large terrace to view the countless stars that have now come out. The Perseid meteor shower is expected to be visible tonight.

Time seems to fly by, and at Gütsch by Markus Neff, the stars are to be found not only in the sky but also on the plate: Langoustines, truffle ravioli and bison tenderloin delight the guests’ palates. Soon it's time for dessert, paired with a special light show, as the full supermoon[EP1] rises majestically behind Rossbodenstock.

A different yet no less convivial atmosphere prevails at the mid-station on Nätschen. The Matti terrace offers a spectacular view of the sundown. After beginning the evening with drinks and snacks beside the fire, guests sit down to a regional fondue in the restaurant – always with a view of the starry sky and the full moon.

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