Introduction of Velospot by PubliBike: Andermatt launches the first bike hire system in the Alps

June 13, 2024

With the introduction of the Velospot bike hire system, Andermatt will have the first system of its kind in the Alps and possibly the highest bike hire system in Switzerland. This innovative project aims to bring urban mobility to the Alpine region and is part of the comprehensive KIMM mobility project.

Alpine Mobility Association / PubliBike AG / Velospot

Rethinking mobility in the Alpine region

Velospot offers a sustainable and flexible mobility solution that has been specially developed for the needs of the Gotthard region. The pilot project is now intended to show how urban mobility concepts can be successfully implemented in Alpine regions. The hire service offers both locals and visitors an attractive way to get around Andermatt and the surrounding area in an environmentally friendly way.

Attractive prices and discounts

Velospot not only impresses with its innovative concept, but also with its attractive price structures. Local residents and employees of partner companies receive special discounts to further promote the use of the hire system. The aim is to achieve broad utilisation of the offer.

Part of the Alpine Mobility project

Velospot Andermatt is an important part of the holistic mobility project KIMM (Combined, Innovative, eMission-free Mobility Concept) of the Alpine Mobility association. The aim is to promote sustainable mobility solutions such as on-demand services (mybuxi) and car sharing (Sponti-Car) in tourist regions and to develop these together with traditional public transport (MGB / SOB). Comparable bike hire systems already exist in St. Moritz and Davos, but Velospot is the first system to directly transfer urban mobility to the Alpine region, as is already successfully used in cities such as Basel and Locarno. The advantages here are the existing familiarity and experience gained by users in the cities. They know how it works and are now also using it in the Alps.

Improving the quality of the tourist experience

The introduction of Velospot in Andermatt will help to reduce traffic congestion caused by motorised private transport. This will significantly improve the quality of experience for guests by reducing crowded streets, hectic atmosphere and noise emissions.

The service is being financed by the project partners Andermatt Municipality, Andermatt Swiss Alps, Alpine Mobility and the Albert Köchlin Foundation as part of the Clever unterwegs programme, with which they are contributing up to CHF 120,000. Thanks to the co-operation, the service will be tested on the market for six years.

Contact for media enquiries: Markus Bacher, CEO & co-owner / / +41 79 380 00 68 Daniel Zumoberhaus, Project Manager Gotthard Region / / +41 79 465 40 27

About Velospot and PubliBike AG

PubliBike AG is the leading provider of bike hire systems in Switzerland. With the new bike spot system in Andermatt, as part of the KIMM mobility project, the company is once again setting standards for innovative and sustainable mobility solutions. KIMM - The future of mobility

The KIMM project stands for a combined, innovative and emission-free mobility concept in the Gotthard region. It combines existing, established means of public transport such as trains and buses with new, ecologically sound mobility services such as Velospot (bike sharing), mybuxi (on-demand) and Sponti-Car (car sharing). The aim is to offer guests and locals a flexible, sustainable and convenient way to get around - 365 days a year.

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