Information for people with mobility limitations: The Andermatt Swiss Alps Group has joined the OK:GO Initiative

September 14, 2021

Andermatt Swiss Alps Group now supports the OK:GO Initiative. Its goal is to have as many Swiss tourism operators as possible make information publicly available about the accessibility of their offerings. The Andermatt Swiss Alps Group provided details about its operations in record time.

People with disabilities, older people, and families with prams constantly encounter barriers in everyday life. Even when travelling on holiday, they are forced to deal with unpleasant surprises. The OK:GO Initiative seeks to enable people with mobility limitations to prepare for their holidays as best as possible. To aid in this, it is encouraging Swiss tourism operators to make information about their offerings publicly available.

Pioneering role in Central Switzerland

The Andermatt Swiss Alps Group heeded this call and quickly publicised the accessibility of its operations and offerings . The data can be viewed using an app , as well as on the websites of Andermatt Swiss Alps and Andermatt+Sedrun+Disentis . They make it possible for people with mobility limitations to find information about any barriers they may encounter at the destination’s hotels, holiday apartments, restaurants, cableways, etc. – and how they can avoid them.

Andermatt Responsible

In this way, the Andermatt Swiss Alps Group is making a contribution to inclusion and society. This is very much in keeping with Andermatt Responsible , the initiative for climate friendly, sustainable tourism in the Andermatt region.

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