Here's how you can help to protect the climate when practising winter sports

February 19, 2020

As an individual, there’s a lot you can do to reduce your emissions when practising winter sports. The following tips will show you how. 

Travel responsibly

Choose public transportation, consider carpooling when you use your car, take local trips, stay at one place longer instead of taking short trips, reduce your air travel, and offset your CO2 output. As a general rule: Remain in the Alps for skiing, since then you don’t have to arrive by plane, the means of transportation most damaging to the environment.

Be conscious of how you spend your money

Choose companies that have environmentally friendly products and manufacturing processes and are concerned about protecting the climate and the environment. For example, buy your outdoor apparel from manufacturers that use recycled or PFC-free materials.

Eat healthfully

Try to eat regional and seasonable products, reduce your consumption of meat, and eat more vegetables. Opt for food that is grown organically, since the sparing use of fertilisers means a less adverse impact on the soil.

Live simpler

Reduce your consumption and avoid buying unnecessary things, buy high-quality products and care for them so that they last longer, and recycle what you no longer need. You can also rent items or buy them second-hand, such as on or .

Use your voice

Talk about climate change with friends and family and explain to them why protecting the climate is important and that you are committed to doing so. Share your opinion on social media.

Get informed

Informed yourself, read and learn more about climate change, and share this knowledge with others.

Get involved

Use your right as a citizen, vote, and take part in the political process.

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