Count down the days to Christmas with us on Instagram

November 25, 2021

We decided to sprinkle a little bit of fun and excitement in the countdown to Christmas this year, with our Advent Calendar on Instagram.

Every day, we’ll be setting up a new challenge on our Instagram stories, such as quizzes, rebus, a treasure hunt or even a baking competition, which will give you a chance to win some very exciting prices gifted by our generous partners. For example, you can win day passes for our ski resort, dinner vouchers or an overnight stay in one of our hotels and so much more.

Those participants, who took part in our challenges and succeeded or answered correctly, will then enter a daily final draw. The draw will decide who wins. The winner will be announced on Instagram the next morning before a new challenge is being revealed.

And so that everyone gets a chance to win something, we’ve limited the numbers on wins by 2 wins per person. However, but everyone will be allowed to enter our big prize draw on 24th December.

Physical prizes, such as souvenirs, will have to be picked up in Andermatt. Vouchers will be distributed digitally. You can read more about our terms and conditions here .

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