Sus­tain­abil­i­ty at An­der­matt Swiss Alps AG

Andermatt Swiss Alps builds preferentially with natural materials and always in accordance with the Minergie standard. The company puts emphasis on the responsible treatment of resources and a sustainable economy.

Climate and environmental protection

  • Andermatt Responsible

    Andermatt Responsible is the initiative launched by Andermatt Swiss Alps for climate-friendly, sustainable tourism in the Andermatt region. The aim is to facilitate tourism operations in a way that preserves resources.

  • Building standard

    Andermatt Swiss Alps builds in accordance with the Swiss low-energy standard Minergie. As a result, the buildings are superbly insulated. They feature systematic air exchange and filtering, which ensures good air quality.

  • Power

    Andermatt Swiss Alps draws power at all locations from renewable energy.

  • Heating

    Most of the office buildings of Andermatt Swiss Alps are heated with district heating supplied by a wood-chipfired power plant, meaning that the heat is 100% CO2-neutral. The wood chips are sourced from the canton of Uri, as well as from a sawmill in Airolo (radius of less than 50 kilometres).

  • Sustainable clothing

    The employees of Andermatt Swiss Alps AG wear work clothing that is made ecologically and fairly. For instance, the jackets come from the Swiss manufacturer Rotauf, which makes clothing items in Switzerland with the smallest possible impact on humans, animals and the environment.

  • Climate-neutral printed materials

    The climate impact of all printed products of Andermatt Swiss Alps is offset through ClimatePartner. The company supports climate protection projects throughout Switzerland.

Gemse, Steinadler, Biber and Wolf apartment buildings, as well as the Radisson Blu Hotel Reussen in Andermatt Reuss
Panoramic view of summery Piazza Gottardo, with various market stands, many active visitors and a stage with a band


  • Fair working conditions

    The employees of Andermatt Swiss Alps receive fair wages, contemporary employment terms in line with the market, and social insurance.

  • Employee benefits

    Andermatt Swiss Alps offers its employees flexible working time models so that they can reconcile their personal lives with their jobs. Working from home is also being promoted. Advanced training is actively supported.

  • Family friendliness

    Andermatt Swiss Alps has a partnership with Small Foot AG. The provider of child daycare facilities has locations through Central Switzerland. Employees of the Andermatt Swiss Alps Group benefit from guaranteed spaces and preferential terms.

  • Local embedding

    Where possible, maintenance and construction work by Andermatt Swiss Alps is performed by local companies in order to keep travel distances short and preserve value creation in the region. As a rule, local suppliers are always given preference.

  • Sustainable mobility

    Andermatt Swiss Alps invests in CO2-free mobility. Together with partners, it formed the Alpine Mobility Association, whose objective is to develop and offer sustainable mobility options in the Gotthard region. In winter, it supports the free, electrically operated village bus.

  • Social commitment

    Andermatt Swiss Alps is a member of the OK:GO Initiative, through which tourism service providers in Switzerland make information available about the accessibility of their offerings. This makes travel planning easier for people with disabilities, seniors, and families with small children. On some projects, Andermatt Swiss Alps collaborates with Stiftung Behindertenbetriebe Uri, which provides work and housing for people with disabilities. On a recent internal clean-up day, the employees removed litter from the countryside around Andermatt Reuss.

  • Knowledge transfer

    The Andermatt Swiss Alps Group collaborates with Academia Engiadina AG (Grisons Tourism College) and the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons. Students receive support in connection with applied research work and projects. The company also makes internship positions available.


  • Jobs and training positions

    Andermatt Swiss Alps AG has roughly 160 employees and is a training provider for IT specialists. It also offers internship positions in various areas.

  • Value creation in the region

    By creating and preserving jobs, and by working together with partners, service providers and suppliers in the area, Andermatt Swiss Alps is making a sustainable contribution to local value creation.

The white Edelweiss apartment building, with its shop spaces on the ground floor, and the red Alpenrose apartment building border lively Piazza Gottardo


The entire village quarter of Andermatt Reuss is a car-free area.

Bedroom with direct access to the bathroom


The buildings of Andermatt Swiss Alps are handicap-accessible.

For the future

The Andermatt Swiss Alps Group is the region’s largest employer and invests in apprenticeships and training and internship positions.

Sustainability at our companies

  • Sustainability on the Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course

    Andermatt Responsible

    The 18-hole golf course – developed with attention to ecological aspects and maintained in harmony with nature – features great biodiversity and is managed sustainably

    Sustainability on the Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course
  • Sustainability at The Chedi Andermatt

    Andermatt Responsible

    The 5-star deluxe hotel was built in accordance with the low-energy standard, is heated in a climate-neutral manner, and offers guests a luxurious, sustainable experience.

    Sustainability at The Chedi Andermatt
  • Sustainability at the Radisson Blu Hotel Reussen

    Andermatt Responsible

    Through the use of natural local materials, the four-star superior hotel offers a very cosy ambience. It was built in accordance with a low-energy standard and is heated in a climate-neutral manner.

    Sustainability at the Radisson Blu Hotel Reussen
  • Sustainability at the restaurants of Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG

    Andermatt Responsible

    The restaurants and bars of Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG (ASS) provide a wide range of culinary offerings. What they all share is their attentive handling of resources and a focus on products from the region.

    Sustainability at the restaurants of Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG
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