Sus­tain­abil­i­ty on the An­der­matt Swiss Alps Golf Course

The 18-hole par-72 championship course in Andermatt offers an especially sustainable golf experience. The course was designed with ecological aspects in mind, is operated in an environmentally friendly manner and provides room for flora and fauna. As a result, the golf course was awarded the globally recognised GEO certification.

Climate and environmental protection

  • Nature protection

    The golf course includes meticulously planned ecological offset and compensation areas, such as the cantonal conservation area Bäz, which makes up nearly 40% of the total area of the golf course. The water elements – some natural, others artificially designed – and the dense vegetation along their banks ensure a biotope network that extends across the entire golf course.

  • Water protection

    Drainage water from greens and tees is filtered through an absorbing well in the ground before being released into the water elements. There are two channels in the water conservation zone, where the greens and tee were built on a screen so that that drainage water can be collected and routed out of the zone.

  • Ecological, restrained turf care

    The use of pesticides is reduced to a minimum through a sophisticated nutrient programme that includes various organically and bacterially enriched products. Fertiliser is applied intensively on only about one-quarter of the grounds. Fertilisers and pesticides are not allowed near the protective buffers of the water elements.

  • Building standard

    The golf clubhouse is extremely well insulated and was built in line with the Swiss low-energy standard Minergie.

  • Power

    The Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course gets all of its power from hydroelectric stations and wind turbines in the Gotthard region.

  • Heating

    The Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course heats its club house in a environmentally neutral manner using a heat pump with borehole heat exchanger.

  • Regional and sustainable resources

    The Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course obtains consumables, such as sand, from local plants, where possible. Unpainted wood tees and pencils are available. The specially designed packaging is made entirely of recycled cardboard.

  • Air protection

    The Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course uses alkylbenzene to power petrol-operated tools used for course maintenance work. As a result, the exhaust contains significantly fewer substances that are damaging to health and the environment. The mowers used to maintain greens, tees and fringes are equipped with hybrid engines.

  • Waste management

    At the Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course, waste is separated: paper, cardboard, glass and aluminium are recycled. The consumption of plastic is being reduced, and PET bottles are not available on the golf course.

  • Electric vehicles

    The Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course uses only golf carts and trolleys with electric drives.

Golfer at work with practice balls
Golf ball and golf club on the tee


  • Commitment to golf’s next generation

    The Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course supports the juniors department of the Andermatt Realp Golf Club. It also offers trial lessons for schoolchildren and local children.

  • Fair working conditions

    The employees work for Andermatt Swiss Alps AG. They receive fair pay, contemporary hiring terms in line with the market and social protection.

  • Employee benefits

    If they qualify and are interested, groundskeepers at the Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course can receive training at DEULA Rheinland. Two employees have already been trained as certified agricultural technicians for golf course maintenance and two as certified course workers. Another employee is starting training to become head groundskeeper.

  • Local embedding

    Where possible, maintenance work that the golf team cannot handle directly is performed by local companies in order to keep travel distances short and preserve value creation in the region. As a rule, regional trades are always given preference.

  • Golf hiking path

    A hiking path was installed around the golf course, which provides attractive views of the surroundings with various bodies of water and natural meadows.


  • Jobs

    The Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course has almost 20 employees.

  • Value creation in the region

    By creating and preserving jobs, and by working together with partners, service providers and suppliers in the area, the Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course is making a sustainable contribution to local value creation.


For reasons of environmental protection, the Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course does not keep PET bottles on the course. Drinking stations provide golfers with fresh mountain water, both sparkling and still, at no charge.

Aerial photo of the golf course in Andermatt


The Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course was designed so as to be in harmony with nature, and it is operated sustainably. It meets or exceeds all criteria of the World Golf Environmental Organization in the areas of nature conservation, resources management and social integration.


Various monitoring actions have confirmed that the golf course provides ecological added value. The number of dragonfly species has increased, and at-risk bird species, particularly ground breeders, have found a new home in the extensively used meadows around the golf course.

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