Re­spon­si­bil­i­ty for em­ploy­ees and fel­low hu­man be­ings

The Andermatt Swiss Alps Group has a responsibility to its employees, the residents of the Andermatt region, and to its guests and customers. 

Our values

Throughout the entire group, the paramount values of Andermatt Swiss Alps are passion, entrepreneurial spirit, and trust (Leidenschaft, Unternehmergeist, Vertrauen - LUV - in German). These values form the basis for company-wide collaboration and constitute a guideline for daily work.  

Logo Werte LUV: Leidenschaft, Unternehmergeist, Vertrauen
  • Passion – We love what we do

    We inspire, and get inspired, by creating exceptionalism. We are innovative and set a high standard for quality, which enables us to be successful.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit – We think for ourselves

    We assume responsibility and act in the interest of the company. We practice a feedback culture, challenge assumptions, and continuously develop ourselves further as employees. In that way, we ensure success on a long-term basis.

  • Trust – We keep our promises

    Others can rely on us. We are open, authentic, dependable, and fair. We respect one another and in that way create a positive work environment.


The Andermatt Swiss Alps Group is one of the region’s largest employers, with about 1000 employees from some 49 countries. We promote diversity and inclusion, which we feel enriches the company. That is why we also ensure that working for us is compatible with family life. We offer part-time employment models and flexible jobs so that equal opportunity is assured. We continually invest in employee training in order to be able to offer high-quality products and services.

Guests and customers

The companies of the Andermatt Swiss Alps Group offer high quality and safety. Customers and guests are invited to take part in the sustainability commitment of Andermatt Swiss Alps. For instance, all restaurants offer a wide range of climate-friendly vegetarian and vegan dishes. A free electric bus makes the rounds through the village in winter. And there are regular events like clean-up days, etc., which involve locals and guests alike. Travel to the area from every direction with public transportation is a convenient solution.

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